Visualization Center C

Christian Södergren
Technical Director

Erik Sundén
Technical Manager

Visualization Center C is a public science centre and research arena in Norrköping. Norrköping Visualisering AB manages the public science center at the Visualization Center C as well as the production group responsible for creating content to the different public arenas at the center. The centre includes media labs, interactive exhibitions, cinemas and an immersive 3D fulldome theatre. Visualization Center C is a result of collaboration between the Municipality of Norrköping, Linköping University, Norrköping Science Park and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT. This consortium forms a large network of partners interconnecting research, industry and business with education and the civil society. The public science center closely collaborates with researchers at the visualisation and computer graphics department at Linköping University, often letting the visitors relate to, explore and get immersed in real scientific data. Using visualization as a tool Visualization Center C creates a greater understanding of the scientific results, but also of the scientific process.