To improve the quality of immersive media using advanced compression technology.

The next generation of immersive media will require improvements in all technical features of the audiovisual experience including: higher video resolution (4K, 8K, and beyond), higher frame rate (100, 120, and 240 frames per second -fps-), better image quality (HDR, and WCG), and immersive 3D audio. In order to allow this quality increase advanced video compression tools have to be developed. The latest generation of video codecs has to be tailored for the needs to the immersive media/ VR video.

To enable immersive media for multiple display environments and multiple devices.

VR and immersive media can be consumed in many environments and devices including multiple PC- and mobile-based HMDs, multi-display settings, and giant screen environments (dome, deep space, immersive cinema). Immersify will provide media players and format conversion tools required to facilitate the consumption of immersive media in multiple environments and devices.

adjective /ɪˈmɜː.sɪv/ /ɪˈmɝː.sɪv/
seeming to surround the audience, player, etc. so that they feel completely involved in something:
an immersive theatrical experience
The new game is more immersive.
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To support new ways in interactive experiences by providing the required tools for personalized and interactive non-linear storytelling.

The interaction capabilities of current VR media is very limited, in most cases confined to the exploration of a panoramic video with head rotation using HMDs.
Immersify will provide tools for integrating high quality video in seamless media presentations that will allow content creators to develop non-linear storytelling where the user have the freedom to select different paths in the content.

To promote immersive media content and tools in the creative & media industries in Europe.

VR media is an emerging format with very demanding technical requirements and enormous creative possibilities. In order to promote its adoption by the creative industries Immersify will perform different demonstration, dissemination, and exploitation activities:

»To perform real-life demonstrations of next generation immersive media

Present demonstrations of ultra high quality VR media at the most important media events. AE and MDF operate the largest and most important festivals in the media art and film content.

»To create new immersive content

To produce showcase immersive content that demonstrates the creative possibilities of the new formats, and use it as a testing vehicle for the developed technologies. PSNC, AE, and NVAB have the infrastructure and the expertise to create immersive media using latest video technologies (e.g. 8K, 3D, High Frame Rates, 360° video), interactive content, and immersive content for giant screen. External partners such as ScanLAB and Click-R have long experience in the production of high quality immersive content.

»To share experiences on producing immersive content

To create guidelines for content creators on how to use the video compression tools for delivering and exhibiting immersive content. This will help to increase the adoption of state-of-the-art IT technologies by the media industry.

»To make next generation immersive solutions available in the market

To refine the business models, licensing, distribution channels, and pricing for the products that will emerge as a result of the project. Most project partners have active commercialization strategies for tools, content, and platforms, and those will be updated with the results of the project.