Guidelines & Reports

In order to share experiences on producing immersive content we will publish a number of project reports and also create guidelines for content creators on how to use the video compression tools for delivering and exhibiting immersive content. This will help to increase the adoption of state-of-the-art IT technologies by the media industry.

Guideline 1: Deep Space Development Kit
The Ars Electronica Deep Space 8K Unity Development Kit shall make it possible for developers all over the world to easily create Unity applications for the Deep Space 8K, a large-scale multiuser VR environment.
Guideline 2: Ambisonic Sound Production
This document contains a description of the practical recording and production of ambisonic sound based on the experience gained in the Immersify project.
Guideline 3: Dome and Interactive Content
This document aims to explain how interactive content can be created for a dome or 360° environment. The focus is especially on how to create multi-user interactive narratives within a shared space.
Guideline 4: Super Resolution Upscaling
Upscaling of digital images (or video frames) refers to increasing the resolution of the original images. In the context of this guide, we focus on methods based on artificial intelligence and give an introduction to the employment of Deep Learning technology for upscaling video.
Guideline 5: Laser Scanning
This document describes how to scan 3D images with laser scanners into a point cloud and briefly presents the available formats and software.
Guideline 6: 8K 2D/3D Filming
Publishing date: TBA
Data Management Plan (D1.4)
This document describes the strategy followed by Immersify project regarding data management and also a list of already identified datasets.
Immersive Content Production (D5.1)
This report focuses on Immersive Content Production and describes set of immersive content material created using different production methods for the Immersify project.
Immersive Content Production and Interactive Media Authoring (D5.2)
This report focuses on Immersive Content Production and includes best practice examples and findings on interactive media authoring for high resolution VR infrastructures.
Report 5.3: Quality Assessment & Content Preparation Guidelines
Description of the best practice configuration parameters of the encoder and quality assessment results in terms of subjective quality for each content genre. Guidelines for encoding and decoding immersive content, as well as media production workflows experiences.