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As if it were reality: Immersify

by Vanessa Graf It’s almost as if you were there: immersive media let us dive deep into images and videos – sometimes to the point where we completely forget the world around us. In order to transform this new kind of media from a niche phenomenon to a widespread practice, the Ars Electronica Futurelab and four partners from all over Europe are working on a common research project, Immersify. The time frame is set for two and a half years,…


Immersive Cinemas

by Cécile Dumas Introduction Virtual Reality and other forms of immersive media have the potential of disrupting the entire media industry with new user experiences that are more immersive and interactive compared to current video, cinema and TV. In order to reach a mature state beyond the current niche markets, the quality of experience of VR media has to be improved in several ways. Immersify is developing key tools for allowing the next generation of immersive media applications, integrating high…