Singing Sand at Norrköping Light Festival

Immersify will be showcased through the Singing Sand 2.0 installation at the Norrköping Light Festival (from Nov 29-Jan 31), an annual, seasonal event to light up the darkest months of the year. The Visualization Center C has ensured that the installation will be present in the old turbine hall in the beautiful old industrial district of Norrköping, where it will be visible in the dark hours for all passers-by and festival goers.

The virtual experience will be back-projected on a massive wall of glass covered with a special back projection film. The installation itself is inspired by the sonic potential of abstract 3D computer graphics. The projected “sand particles” are a physics-based visual material whose motion is sonicated, sounded, in real time. The piece examines how different tensions or particle and shape changes sound, how the inner rhythms are created and how it affects our perception of the visual material.

Audio visualization created by: Tadej Droljc, Slovenia
With support from the Immersify project (
Installation and additional concepts by Visualization Center C and Visual Sweden