Immersify at Ecsite 2019

Immersify will be present at the Ecsite conference in Copenhagen from June 6th to June 8th. Ecsite, The European science engagement conference, connects professionals from across Europe (and beyond) who engage audiences with science and technology. The conference offers an intense mix of intellectual stimulation, experimental formats and inspiring human encounters.

The Visualization Center C will be present in a booth, representing Immersify for the entire conference and showcasing high-resolution material on an 8K video wall.

8K Media playback

Several video clips in 8K format produced or co-produced within the Immersify project will be demonstrated using the Spin Digital codec and player. There will also be a prerendered 8K teaser of the fulldome production ”Adventure Dome” produced by the Visualization Center as a part of the Immersify project.

The demonstration will take place in the booth on a 3 meter wide 8K 16:9 videowall consisting of 4 digital signage screens in a 2×2 setup and a 2.1 audio system.