infrastructure: PSNC

In 2008 PSNC has started a creation of the 4K node in Poznan, in 2010 the infrastructure was upgraded to process and display 4K 3D using passive polarization technology for stereoscopy. Since 2015 the laboratory was enhanced to 8K 3D 60p capture, production, live processing and visualisation infrastructure connected to 100G PIONIER network. The laboratory has capabilities to create, process, transmit and present 8K 3D 60p or 8K 120p video content.

List of devices and installations which will be used in the Immersify project:

  • Set of four 8K cameras (SONY F65 with special modifications done by SONY corporation according to PSNC requirements) with functionality of live streaming in full resolution in 60p (using BPU8000 and SONY IP Live), recording up to 120p. This set will be used for acquiring finest 8K and 8K 3D content. Cameras may be mounted on special motorized stereoscopic rig (Stereotec) which enables shooting 3D footage.
  • 8K and 8K 3D Post-production station equipped with reference monitors and specialized Adobe software. This station will enable to edit, process and color grading of captured 8K and 8K 3D movies.
  • Canon 5DS R photo camera taking photos in resolution higher than full 8K. Together with special motorized rig, this camera will be used for recording 8K time-lapse movies.
  • 8K 3D 60p display wall. This 6-meter-wide projection screen located in PSNC premises was developed by BARCO using twelve stacked and blended F50 WQXGA projectors. The video signal is processed by 4 BARCO E2 processors and 12 MCM-50 warping and blending devices. The video wall is capable of display full 8K resolution without visible stitching and with very low latency. Video signal may come from different sources such as 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDMI which enables easy integration with HEVC decoding system developed in WP3. The display wall has fine color reproduction, so could be used for QoE assessment.[/one-half-first]
  • Two moveable 8K curved walls consist of four 4K Samsung TV 55” each. Dedicated PC machines can provide 8K 60p to the displays, so can be used for software testing and demonstration purposes.
  • SONY IP Live and ADVA FSP3000R7 streaming systems for 8K and 8K 3D video that allow for streaming, network  transmission and remote production of 8K movies
  • Dedicated storage system for uncompressed and compressed 8K video (EMC Isilon 540TB with 5,2GB/s read performance)
  • 3D Laser scanners (Faro Focus X330 and Go!Scan 20) can be used for grabbing point clouds of real objects in order to make good quality 8K movies or provide these data for external postproduction companies (such as ScanLab)
  • Immersive caves and immersive display walls for scientific visualisation, and synthetic environments: VR and augmented reality built in various technologies – projector displays, and LCD panels.
  • Fast optical network for Science and Education. PSNC is an operator of the national research network in Poland – PIONIER. The PIONIER infrastructure based on the 10Gbps and 100Gbps links is connecting over 700 research and development institutions, more than 100 public universities and 5 HPC centres via 21 Metropolitan Area Networks through over 6000 km of own fibres. The international connection are mostly realized via GÉANT network with 10Gbps links and through own dark fibre cross border connections (e.g. Poznan-Hamburg and Hamburg-Cern in near future). PSNC is also an active participant in GLIF and HPDMnet consortiums that provide optical connections around the globe. The Global Lambda Integrated Facility (GLIF) is an international organisation that provides optical network environment as an integrated facility to support data-intensive scientific research, and supports middleware development for lambda networking. HPDMnet is an experimental network research initiative that is designing, developing, and implementing an international high performance service for high quality, large-scale digital media streaming. HPDMnet is designed to support extremely large media streams; the basic architecture is scalable up to 10 Gbps. In December 2015 PSNC tested its 8K node streaming solutions by streaming 8K 3D 60p over IP transmission on distance of 17.000 km in PIONIER network with very small latency.