Poznań Ice Festival 8K 3D

Timelapse in 3D showing the long process of ice carving during Poznań Ice Festival

Poznań, Poland, December 2019

#8K #3D #timelapse

Since 2006, every year the Poznan Ice Festival has been attracting crowds becoming one of the greatest points of wintertime in Poznań. It’s an international competition hosting guests from all over the world. Some of them come from places familiar with ice like Canada, USA or Poland but also from countries you wouldn’t even suspect: Philippines, Malaysia, Spain.

For the PSNC film crew the festival was an opportunity to test the 3D timelapse. A few hours of ice carving process was a perfect scenery for this. Two Canon 5DSr photo cameras placed on a special ring and situated on a pedestal were taking a 8K 3D timelapse for about 8 hours at a temperature close to 0 degrees Celsius. By the way, we managed to get a record of the amazing ice spider sculpture that won the competition (authors: Antonio and Ross Baisas).

  • 2 Canon 5DSr + rig
  • Maciej Jaśkiewicz – Cameraman, Edit, coordination
  • Maciej Głowiak – Assistance
  • Maciej Stróżyk – Assistance
  • Magdalena Wilk – Assistance
  • Mikołaj Węgrzynowski – Assistance
Credits, Special Thanks
  • Ewa Rutkowska-Krzyżaniak, Mayor’s Office Poznan City Hall
  • Antonio Baisas, Ross Baisas, ice sculptors

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