Pano LA 10K

Timelapse video by Joe Capra / Scientifantastic

Los Angeles

#10K #timelapse

Ars Electronica subcontracted photographer Joe Capra of to provide a Timelapse video of Los Angeles


Pano LA was shot over a period of two years entirely in true panoramic form using two synced DSLR cameras side by side. The resulting panoramic timelapse footage comes in at a whopping 10K x 4K resolution when stitched. Joe Capra did not shoot this film to achieve the extreme resolution. He shot it for the panoramic look, especially the compressed look you get when using long lenses.


Upon receival of the raw material from the artist at first the material was screened. Then a selection of several scenes of 2min 30sec was made from the total material. The final cut was done, as well as final camera movements were rendered in raw material. A fitting audio was selected that emphasizes the video material. At last the final compound of the material was made as well as video encoding.


PANO | LA – 10K

List of Equipment
  • 2 Canon 5DIII cameras
  • 2 of each Canon 24-70mm, 24-105mm, and 70-200mm lenses
  • Custom build panoramic rig
  • RamperPro
  • Custom dual trigger intervalometer
  • Motion Control: Kessler Crane TLS with Second Shooter (
Joe Capra
A big THANK YOU to:
  • Chris Pritchard ( )
  • Dustin Kukuk ( )
  • Andrew Walker ( )
  • Colin Rich ( )
  • Matt Givot ( )