Krambabula 360

Recording of ambition sound and video 360 in the modernist building Okraglak in Poznań

Poznań, Poland, 2019

#360 #16K #ambisonics #psnc360rig

Krambabula is a folk-rock band from Poznań, which plays an energetic mixture of Slavic folk music with a touch of rock. The lyrics of the performed songs are in Lemko, Ukrainian and Polish. Many of them are songs from traditional music, sung in a so-called white voice and filtered by various musical passions of the group members. The PSNC crew invited the members of the band to record an ambisonic sound of several songs. The whole recording was made in Okrąglak building in Poznan. In order to record 360 in 16K resolution, the 360 rig built by PSNC was used.

This content was specially prepared for new ambisonics and immersive installation for Cannes XR event.

  • 8x Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K + rig
    Ambisonic microphone – Ambeo VR Mic from Sennheiser
  • Various types of microphones for multitrack direct source recording for HOA using Dante Audio network
  • Maciej Jaśkiewicz – Cameraman, Coordinator, Edit
  • Eryk Skotarczak – Camera assistant, Recording
  • Leszek Nowak – Camera assistant, Edit
  • Paweł Rybarczyk – Assistant
  • Jacek Walczak – Assistant
  • Wojciech Raszewski – Sound
  • Jan Skorupa – Sound
  • Joanna Koza – Coordinator
Credits, Special Thanks
  • Okrąglak Poznań – Maciej Kufel, Colliers International