Island in the sky II

Timelapse video from Timestorm Films

May 2018, La Palma, Spain

#8K #timelapse

Ars Electronica subcontracted Timestorm Films to provide a Timelapse video of La Palma, Spain.


Almost seven years after the release of the original “Island in the Sky” timelapse film by Christoph Malin – back then showing timelapse techniques that were revolutionary to say the least – Timestorm Films is back with a state of the art sequel. Shot in native 8K 60fps, this film tries to showcase future display and video technologies.


Even though La Palma is a small island, finding the right locations and conditions to shoot can be challenging. Thanks to Christoph Malin’s long experience on the island they were able to get great shots almost every night within the 10day shooting period.

List of Equipment
  • Camera: Nikon D850, Sony A7RIII, Sony A7RII, RED Epic-W
  • Sensor/Film: 35mm Fullframe Digital, Super35 Digital
Martin Heck, Christoph Malin
Special Thanks
La Palma Tourism, La Monta Car Rental