Immersive minimalism residency

Always Dead and Alive

Germany/Poland/Austria 2019

#8K #CGI

Always Dead and Alive is an artwork by Theresa Schubert that was created as part of the STARTS Vertigo Residency (2019) entitled ‘Immersive Minimalism’ at PSNC (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center).


It is an 8K video environment based on a custom Cellular Automata (CA) system. The generative video shows surprisingly complicated behavior that appears when all 33 million pixels on screen act as individual, interacting agents within a set network. Immersive Minimalism uses CA to investigate modes of perception through creating video scenarios between geometric abstraction and minimalism.


Computation of native 8K content
Encoding in high quality of abstract content with high noise percentage
Data storage and handling (large quantities)


8k computer generated video with 5.1 sound


Author/artist: Theresa Schubert

Sound composer: Jan Skorupa

Unity development: Jörg Reisig

Technical Support: PSNC, Spin Digital