Atacama Desert

Timelapse video by Martin Heck / Timestorm Films

July 2017, Atacama Desert, Chile

#8K #timelapse

Ars Electronica subcontracted cinematographer Martin Heck of Timestorm Films to provide a Timelapse video of Atacama Desert.


8K timelapse video of Atacama Desert in Chile, taken at night (2am) showing stars spreading upon the night sky.


Upon receival of the raw material from the artist at first the material was screened. Then a clip was selected from the total material. A fitting audio was selected that emphasizes the video material and at last the final compound was made.


ATAC_A7RII_2017_002 8K

Atacama Desert

Atacama / Martin Heck @ Deep Space ©Magdalena Sick-Leitner
List of Equipment
  • Camera: Sony A7RII, Zeiss Otus 28mm f1.4
  • Sensor/Film: 35mm Digital “Full Frame”
Martin Heck